About Vonne & Co.

Vonne & Co. was founded by Angel Piontek in 2020 and stemmed from a desire to create a resource for real estate professionals that elevates their brand and facilitates meaningful connections with clients. Our products are thoughtfully designed and printed in the US using premium materials because we believe that everything that you do in business should convey a message of quality. Crafting an exceptional experience for your clients means obsessing over every detail. We've chosen materials and created beautiful designs to help you stand out.

Angel has been in the real estate industry since 2003, she started as an agent and has had many different roles in the industry since then. Angel has a Bachelor's degree in Communications and currently working on her MBA. She worked at an advertising firm in NYC after college, before entering real estate. She is currently a licensed Associate Broker and Vice President of Marketing for a real estate firm based in Virginia. Vonne & Co. is the perfect marriage of her passion for the industry and creating modern designs.

 A love for handwritten communication

Have you ever received a handwritten note that you didn’t appreciate? In today’s world where virtual interaction is the norm, it’s important to build relationships through traditional means. Handwritten notes are special and they are more appreciated than ever. It doesn’t take a lot of time but it’s memorable. It’s a wonderful way to connect with clients and colleagues as well as build loyalty.

A Message from Angel

Thank you so much for shopping at Vonne & Co.! I hope you love sending the cards as much as I enjoyed creating them. There's something truly special about a handwritten message whether it's to celebrate or to simply say hello. Wishing you the best in your career and feel free to reach out to me at angel@vonne.co. Have a wonderful day!