(TEST) 5 Ideas To Maximize Space In Your Home

Many of us wish we had a slightly bigger home, but it’s not always possible! What you can do is use a few tricks to make a home appear bigger and take advantage of your available space. 


Dispose Of Your Clutter

To maximize space in your home, the first thing you should do is get rid of the clutter. When a room is filled with too many objects, it easily appears messy and small. The best way to sustainably dispose of your clutter is to use one of these applications:

  • Carousell: The Carousell app is a type of community marketplace; here, you can sell everything from clothing to electronic gadgets, books, or furniture. All you have to do is snap a photo, create a description, and you’re away. You can also share your listings on Facebook to gain further visibility.

  • 5 Miles: The 5Miles app is another great place for selling your old stuff. Whether it’s homeware, gadgets, or bikes, you can get rid of all your clutter here. The app is designed for people who are looking to sell within their surrounding area (which is why it’s named 5Miles)!

Consider A Storage Solution 

Sometimes we just don’t have enough space for all our belongings, but that doesn’t always mean we want to get rid of them! To free up some extra space, a storage solution can be a great option. Depending on which types of items you have to store, you might like to choose temperature controlled storage. There are plenty of companies out there offering top quality services at affordable prices. Just be careful not to simply move junk from your home to the storage unit, determine whether you need to store the items long term.

Use Mirrors 

Another simple way to create space is to utilize mirrors. Decorative mirrors can elevate a room’s appearance and also make it appear larger. Remember to measure your space before making any purchases. Choosing a mirror that’s too big for your room can have the opposite effect! For your larger rooms, grand mirrors look beautiful and are excellent for making a room appear bigger.


Lastly, you should choose smart storage options, for example, floating cabinets. These cabinets are nailed onto the wall, above the ground, to give the appearance that they are ‘floating’. The best thing to do is to keep your home minimal, this way you won’t require much storage and can save some space. You can get furniture that can double as storage such as an ottoman instead of a coffee table to store blankets. Installing vertical floor to ceiling shelving or horizontal wall to wall shelving will give you the storage you need and it can also make the room appear larger. These multi-functional pieces will provide you with the storage you need.


Understanding the scale of your space will help you pick the right pieces. One real easy way to make a room appear bigger is by choosing small scale furniture. This creates the effect of more space but it also has a way of making a home look cozy. You can choose furniture with a minimalist aesthetic to keep the space feel open. 

Last up, if you’re looking to maximize space, it’s best to stick to light and neutral color schemes. Go for white, beige, or calm shades of green and blue. When you’re giving your home a lick of paint, eco-paint is the greener option.